#1759 Rick Owens is launching a new perfume, and it will smell like life and death

Rick Owens backstage at his Spring 2009 menswear show. Photo: Steve Wood

A few weeks ago, my good friend (and expat Kiwi) Nabil Azadi conducted a lengthy and insightful interview with Rick Owens for SlamXHype, in which the pair discussed everything from Raf Simons’ money troubles to babies, Gummo to mothers. Just before mentioning that his father, who still calls him Richard, was thoroughly unimpressed with the full-sized wax nude depicting himself urinating in his Paris store, the designer dropped hints that he would soon be introducing his first perfume to the market:

Nabil Azadi: Time for a fragrance.
Rick Owens: I’m working on that right now!”

According to sources, the perfume will smell like incense, to reflect death, lily to reflect life, and menthol, to reflect something else – either smoking or clear sinuses (your guess is as good as mine). We await developments with keen noses.


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  1. cordell says

    awesome! sounds as if it already smells like my natural scent. rick makes nothing crappy or dull like other designers *cough* (marc jacobs)

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