#1761 The facts of life

Yves Saint Laurent – the original troubled designer. Photo: Haw-lin

1. John Galliano-mania has gone about as far as it can go, with tens of thousands of mainstream news stories (it even made the 6:00pm rounds here in New Zealand), and every person with internet access sharing their opinions, thoughts and conspiracy theories on the matter. Rather than adding to the pile, here’s the best piece I’ve seen written thus far, from The New Yorker: “It has been nearly a decade since I wrote a Profile of Galliano for this magazine. I lost track of him long ago. But when I see people expressing shock and outrage at what he said, I have to contain a little bit of my own shock and outrage. Galliano’s act of self destruction was about as shocking as the widespread discovery, also this week, that Charlie Sheen is a vulgar fool… (When are famous people going to realize that the days of private outbursts in public places have ended?)”

2. It goes on… “Galliano is a deeply talented man, and his early shows helped set fashion on a course it has followed for years, turning the business into a celebrity cult. But his career, and his life, were built on twin pillars of excess and exhibitionism. He was a slave to addiction; those addictions rotated through the years: drugs, sex, alcohol, exercise, and finally, and most damagingly, his own public image. But who could be shocked at his behavior? Who would have expected any other end? (If it is the end: the fashion world has a remarkable ability to shrug off the odd deeply flawed human being, as long as he or she can cut a dress like Galliano can or wear one like Kate Moss, who, despite behavior that sets a disastrous example for millions of girls, including issues with drugs, is forgiven because, well, she is really very pretty.)” Brilliant.

3. Speaking of which, I witnessed a prominent All Black acting like a drunken buffoon at the Auckland Cup horse races in the weekend. Needing handlers to hold you up as you walk around the stands is never a good look, particularly when there are children around. I blame the enablers.

4. I’m back on the blue Chuck Taylors (after that maroon blip) and it has never felt so good.

5. My other newest acquisition is a plain grey merino v neck sweater from Standard Issue. Nothing beats schoolboy.

6. When will somebody introduce Jack Spade to New Zealand?

7. Have you discovered Haw-lin? I just did last night and it is the greatest image bank I have ever seen.

8. So… Emily Baker‘s done quite well this season. 55 or so shows thus far and still three days to come. Hands down, the number one newcomer. Australia’s Dempsey Stewart is my pick for number two.

9. After a blogging hiatus, Katherine is back in the game, wearing my beanie, and better than ever.

10. Anouk Rondel and I are DJing tomorrow night at the unfortunately named weekly Flight Lounge party (it rhymes with Shmoly Shmuck). After speaking with Peter Waddams aka P Money in New York City, we’ve decided to nix the Darkness Brothers name. Like he said, if it can be misconstrued, it’s probably not a good idea. Can’t argue with that.


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  1. Guest says

    Good to know that a whole lot of readers called you out on the name after that disastrous poster but it only registers with you when P-Money says it. Very admirable.

  2. isaaclikes says

    Sometimes you’ve gotta hear it from somebody who doesn’t feel the need to hide behind an anonymous screen name.

  3. Rebecca says

    Although, it’s not like his name can’t be misconstrued. P-Money… money from dealing P? Any name can be misconstrued if you’re looking to do so.

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