#1763 Gucci donated $200,000 to the Christchurch earthquake relief

Benoni Loos and Marcel Castenmiller backstage at Gucci Fall 2010. Photo: Sonny Vandevelde

I spent the day at the Auckland Cup horse races yesterday, where I witnessed a particularly intoxicated woman trip and fall down five stairs, only to be miraculously caught by a chivalrous doorman who was then pushed away as if he’d been attempting to cop a feel. Oh the irony. But things picked up when Gucci, a prominent sponsor of horse racing, made an announcement that it was donating $200,000 to the Christchurch earthquake relief. According to staff, a percentage of last weekend’s sales from the Auckland and Australian flagship stores was put aside for the donation, and employees were given the opportunity to gift their wages from the two days if they so chose. Fantastic work. Don’t forget that we can all make an instant $3.00 donation by texting 4419 from any mobile phone in New Zealand.


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