#1764 Crane Brothers push the patch for Fall 2011

Photos: Karen Inderbitzen Waller

Crane Brothers launched their Fall/Winter 2011 Black Sheep collection in store on Wednesday, with a brief announcement on Murray Crane’s blog: “Our Winter Ready to Wear collection drops into store this week. There is a new suit style available and a wide range of Blazers and ‘Odd Jackets’ in Herringbone Tweeds and Wool Flannel. Shirting includes the button down we did for Summer in heavier cloths as well as some nice dark plains in charcoals and inks.” Alongside said shirting is a bunch of mismatched suit separates, lots of wool cashmere, patch pockets, suede elbow patches and a fantastic grey herringbone blazer. Photos below.

Model: Jordy at Clyne.


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  1. Jimmy says

    that first B&W shot is great. it reminds me of another pic but i just cant remember where i’ve seen it from. hate when that happens…..

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