#1766 Jersey Girls by Justin Wu (they’re just too good to be true)

Justin Wu is back with another music video highlighting the glorious fun to be had when you’re young, beautiful and lip synching to a great song. This time it’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli, with every famous model you can imagine: from Natasha Poly to Magdalena Frackowiak, Constance Jablonski to Karlie Kloss, and even our own Stella Maxwell and Emily Baker. But it’s New Jersey native Jacquelyn Jablonski who steals the show, with a little macarena dance and twirl at 1:47. Amazing. Justin Wu is a genius. Happy Monday morning everybody!


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  1. Stewart F says

    Isaac…This is just a reblog of what Katherine already blogged. Get original. Kind of feels as though your blogging is getting somewhat stale..

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