#1768 Get your knit on for the Christchurch Quake victims

Photo: Klaus Carson

Can you knit? Do you love charity? Want to help out the Christchurch relief effort? Crusaders fan? If you answered yes to any of the above, Glassons needs you. New Zealand’s womenswear behemoth is a Christchurch business dontchaknow (Mr Tim Glasson’s office was in Cashel Street to the best of my knowledge), and a good number of their hometown stores were seriously damaged in the quake. But they’re not letting that get them down. Instead, they’re looking forward, and they’ve come up with a fun new charity initiative to bring the community together and bolster the relief effort all at the same time: knitting circles. Here’s what you’ve gotta do – knit a 1.5 metre long red and black scarf; take a photograph of yourself with the scarf (like Dan, Luke and Marc from Stolen Girlfriends Club and Steve from Huffer in the shot above) and upload it to Facebook; drop the scarf into Glassons where they’ll relabel it with a ‘Glassons Hearts Chch’ tag and resell it for $25. All proceeds will go to the Christchurch Mayoral Fund. Can’t knit? Then buy a scarf! Or donate to any one of these reputable charities. Get your knit on! Of course you CANterbury! Go the Crusaders! That’s all I’ve got.


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  1. Just a thought says

    Isn’t it better just to donate money straight to the charities rather than knitting scarves that potentially no one will buy?

  2. isaaclikes says

    I must admit, the thought did cross my mind too. I think the theory is that people like to have something to show their support. And the more people who wear the scarves, the more people will recognise them and what they represent, and hopefully that will encourage others to follow suit.

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