#1776 Channel U interviewed me about John Galliano’s anti semitic rampage

TVNZ has started up a new channel – U – aimed at the 15-24 year old audience that sits around after school/work/university wanting to consume music videos and infotainment. The daily show, titled U live, is a social media friendly setup, and viewers are encouraged to comment and share their thoughts in real time on U’s Facebook page. There are a variety of weekly guests, from Jordan Rondel – aka The Caker, to photographer Laura Allard Fleischl and party-hopper Rebecca Lawson. I’ll be joining the team every so often to discuss the latest fashion news, trends and stories from around the world, and last week I stopped by talk about the downfall of John Galliano, and to do the signature Galliano pose. Watch it above.


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  1. says

    Sitting on the fence about this – comments from JG not nice, but I’ve heard he was provoked. Why are we not seeing the minutes BEFORE his outburst on the rant video? I suspect they contain homophobic comments directed at him from the ‘victims’.
    And the 20 outfits he presented recently in Paris were by far more fashion forward than those presented by any other designer. No one can deny his talent at producing beautiful clothes.

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