#1778 Jack Purcells are the unsung hero of the Converse family

James Dean rocking the Jack Purcells. Photo: The Style House

By now, my love for Converse Chuck Taylors has been well-documented. In the last three years alone, I’ve gone through a good seven pairs of navies, one pair of maroons and one pair of cream Comme Plays. But I’ve never owned a pair of Jack Purcells. There was always something about the toe shape and the rubber lip that seemed overdone or fussy, and deviating from my uniform/routine freaks me out enough as it is. But when I was in LA last month, I hung out with a friend who works at J Crew. He wore his blue Jack Purcells with vintage blue cuffed Levi’s 501s and it was pretty much the freshest thing I’ve ever seen.

Since then, I’ve been inundated with them: the James Dean shot above has been making the blog rounds, and as soon as the sun came out in New York I noticed all these cool young guys wearing Jack Purcells with khakis or jeans or grey flannel pants. I’m obsessed. According to the Converse team, Jacks (as they call them) outsell Chucks in Asia, but here in New Zealand they’re barely even a competitor. Get behind them! Who’s with me?


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