#1781 Sara Tetro wouldn’t let a six-pack hot-blooded guy in the Top Model house just to boost ratings

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Sara Tetro and her fellow judges have spent the past 11 days scouring the country for potential candidates for New Zealand’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. The team have seen thousands of girls and boys over the course of the tour, and they’re not ruling anybody out – this season transgendered models are being encouraged to audition. “I’ll accept anyone when it comes down to modelling,” says Tetro, “and obviously transgendered boys are very topical this season – we gave Andrej Pejic his first job [an editorial shoot for Black Magazine]. If anyone shows up with a face like his we’ll put them on the programme.” Although men are being seen, Tetro says that it’s not a simple case of selecting a few good looking boys and throwing them in the deep end. “I wouldn’t put some six-pack hot-blooded guy on the show to boost ratings when I’ve got other parents’ 16 year old girls in my care,” she says.

As for the question of whether a girl could be chosen who will reflect the real shape of New Zealand women (the average dress size for Kiwi females is at least a 14, according to this SMH article), Tetro says she would love to find the right plus-size girl. “There’s a lot of plus-size work around but they have to be toned and they have to be photogenic. If she comes in we’ll put her on the programme.”

For any other information, we’ll all just have to wait for the show to begin airing (sometime in the next two months). When pressed for more details, Tetro just laughed, “I can’t tell you who we’re going to put on otherwise I’ll get fired!”

Let the countdown begin.


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  1. Nico says

    trans-gendered models are only encouraged to audition for this season because they’re now trendy. don’t get me wrong i love all people, but sometimes fashion can be so yuck (only accepting when it’s in vogue).
    and isn’t it about time we just started calling plus size models, models??

  2. says

    I really…can’t..wait!! 😀
    i’ve never seen a Top Model show with guys as contestants either? that’ll make it interesting!

  3. Taylor says

    this is completely stupid.New Zealand’s next top model I mean.How they managed to find these emaciated and pencil thin women in this country is a mystery.I know and have only seen  ONE kiwi female that is that thin.And as for only placing “plus sized” models on the show if their toned and photogenic,that completely defeats the purpose of being plus size because really,being “toned” and “photogenic” just means you have to probably fit a specific body shape and dress size before you can even think about trying to audition for this show.we don’t have to conform with the stupid beliefs of perfection people.

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