#1785 The facts of life

Photo: The Sartorialist

1. Scott Schuman dared to call this woman, “a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and [who] tend to represent the genre,” on Monday and the internet literally erupted in protest. “I’m a little horrified by the fact that you are referring to her as if she is plus size,” said one disgruntled commenter. “[Y]ikes. [T]he thought would have never crossed my mind that she is ‘bigger’,” wrote another. Is the world going PC crazy? Or do people just read selectively? The man was simply noting that this young lady is a different shape to the bloggers typically depicted in the media, and that she wears her clothes well. Give him a break.

2. Steve-O’s quote from the new issue of Remix really resonated with me this week. Talking about his road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, he said, “Having priorities that aren’t me is probably the most important thing.” Although I have neither alcohol nor drug addictions, amen to that. On that note, a wise man once said, “Alcohol produceth the absurd.” Amen to that too.

3. The definition of insanity is making the same mistake twice and expecting a different outcome.

4. My good friend Michael schooled me on menswear, and what women want, last Friday at the Fashion Festival/Remix Magazine after party. It was 2:00am. “It’s time to start dressing sexy, man. Girls don’t want a quirky guy. Girls don’t want a guy who looks like a professor. They want sexy. Dark colours. No bow ties. Come on man.”

5. Quote of the 1980s, attributed to one of the Saatchi brothers, “We’re not very good, but we are f***ing expensive.”

6. I’m shooting The Erin Simpson Show today, my first foray into children’s television. And I’m terrified.

7. Watch out for Ella Verberne and Emily Smith – two Kiwi girls who will make it overseas.

8. This is the tale of how Jay Z took a supposedly average champagne, made it hot like Cristal, and allegedly banked millions in the process. And it is brilliant. “All of this makes for a great story: a family-owned champagne brand dreamed up by a little old French lady in the 1950s, dormant until resurrected half a century later, promptly discovered by the world’s most famous rapper, by sheer coincidence.”

9. Just be nice.


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  1. FiFi says

    Referring to your number 1 comment, I did see this on the Sartorialist Website, in defence of the women who felt threatened or upset by his comments, Scott did ask for commentary even saying “Let’s not hide from this issue; I don’t want to be afraid to talk about it on my blog. Help me describe this young lady without using the word “normal,” but in a way that addresses her body size”
    He should expect women to comment about his use of the words curvy, sturdy and bigger. Those words are all associated with a certain body type, which is definitely not hers, she has muscular legs, and yes they may look “curvy” but I don’t think in the real world that would be classified as curvy, although this is my own personal opinion.
    I love The Sartorialist, and a bit of discussion over a body type isn’t going to upset me, but he did ask for opinions and lets face it when the majority of his readers are women and hes referring to classifying body types and weight he’s bound to get some bad reactions.

  2. Emma Gleason says

    What bothered me was the fact he felt it was his place to comment and pass judgement on a womans body – especially when he rarely ever comments at all. I was also very disturbed by his choice of wording – “sturdy” being particularly out of line. No woman wants to be referred to as “sturdy” especially in a public arena.

  3. Jenny says

    I agree with both Emma and FiFi. What more is there to say? And, by the way, Michael, who says girls don’t want quirky guys!! I guess it really depends on the girl.

  4. says

    I’m glad that’s your response to the whole Sartorialist thing – how ridiculous. The girl herself said she didn’t care and was honoured just to have been featured on the blog. To be honest I’d rather be called curvy than plus-sized (ew!)

    But in regards to point 5, I actually go out with the intention of finding a guy dressed like a professor.

  5. Jimmy says

    it’s the girl in the top pic we’re talking about? i must be blind cuz i would describe her as petite. thanks for the Jay Z link very interesting read.

  6. Corinne says

    Chill out emma,
    1. its not as if he called YOU sturdy.
    2. Shes not even offeneded by it, so why are you?
    3. This “scandal” is probably help launch her blog and get a huge following.

  7. isaaclikes says

    I think what everyone’s missing is that he is comparing her to the typical bloggers written about in the media – your Rumi Neelys or Hanneli Mustapartas or Denni from Chicmuse: http://thechicmuse.blogspot.com/ who are all really really skinny girls. He’s not saying she’s a big girl, just that she is curvier than those really skinny girls.

  8. says

    i actually think scott’s comment is a even little bit of a compliment – like you said, that is isn’t a ridiculous rumi neely size. i’d be happy. chill out everyone! sturdy is sexy, duh.

  9. says

    I just don’t see why he felt the need to comment on her figure when he has never mentioned anyone elses before – in fact he rarely comments.

    And he didn’t actually mention her last name or her blog in his post.
    It was other writers like Jenna Sauers that identified her.

    I just dont see why it’s a necessary point of discussion by Schuman, that’s all. and the wording was unfortunate.

  10. says

    oh and i do love men dressed like shabby english professors. ideally with inkstained hands, several day old growth and unbrushed hair. You know, to busy to worry about looking tidy, clean or (heaven forbid) sexy.

  11. Geneva says

    He called her bigger and sturdy, when plainly she aint big. She might be curvy (you can still be slim and have curves), but the implication was that she was overweight (clearly she isnt). If he thinks she is “sturdy” then I guess he has become accustomed to seeing underweight bloggers (and others in the industry), which is quite revealing in terms of what is ‘normalised’ within the fashion industry. Now thats a whole other issue, but i think that was the undercurrent to the public reaction

  12. Peter says

    She’s far less ‘curvy’ than his girlfriend who was a pretty prominent blogger last time I checked. If you’re gonna make comparisons…

  13. Jenny says

    Call me old-fashioned but I’d say the young woman in the photo is close to feminine perfection. If that’s curvy – give me curvy. What a beautiful looking girl.

    Pierre St Emilion

  14. nomis says

    Re: 4 – I think it’s something that crosses every guy (and I’m sure girls) mind sometimes – but I think sexy in a broader sense than strictly fashion – is someone feeling good comfortable in natural in themselves. If you dress in a particular way that isn’t you, I figure you’re more likely to attract people that aren’t you…… My point is proved by the fact girls that want quirky guys have come out of the woodwork for you 😛

  15. Jessie says

    I think men should always remember when going to mention a woman’s shape – woman are as sensitive about their physical appearance as men are about their penis size. Size doesn’t matter, it’s your confidence and what you do with it. x

  16. margaret says

    there are 2 legs there.. you can’t see very well because of the black pants and it looks like one big leg. i think that is the mistake?

    but really, let’s stop commenting on healthy women’s bodies for no good reason. women need a break!

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