#1788 Nom*D has reissued all their awesome old tee shirt prints

Back in 2004 when I was still a teenager, I walked into the Zambesi flagship on Vulcan Lane, climbed the stairs to the Men’s store, went over to the rack on the far wall, picked up a charcoal Nom*D short-sleeve hoodie emblazoned with the Bambi print (Bambi caught in a sniper rifle’s sights), took it to the counter and just about passed out as I handed over my eftpos card to drop $180 on a single item of clothing – the most I’d ever spent. I wore that hoodie everywhere. It was my go-to garment no matter what the occasion – even five star restaurants were graced with its presence (I figured it was designer so I was allowed). Fast forward seven years, and Bambi is back. As of Fall/Winter 2011, Nom*D has reissued all their favourite tee shirt prints – DON’T SHOOT, The Monster, Bat Skeleton and so many more. I want them all.

The tee shirts are available on Nom*D’s online store, and at Plume, Zambesi and Black Box Boutique, starting at $120. Do it!

My good friend Mace just sent me the original Russian communist propaganda images that The Monster tee was taken from. Here’s the translation:


1. Do you want to conquer coldness?

2. Do you want to conquer hunger?

3. Do you want to eat?

4. Do you want to drink?

Hurry up to join the strike team of exemplary labour.



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  1. Jimmy says

    180 is not going to get you that hoodie now. Bambi is differently my favorite simple and cleaver. has Zambesi men been on that site for that long now? i still remember when it was at the old My Heart store.

  2. MichealM says

    I never knew they left. Must save up and get one (or all depending if I still want my left kidney)

  3. oldgirl says

    always buy 1 t.shirt a season for the last ten years, and I do not even look good in t.shirts and I buy the mens so they are nice and big…I will never get rid of them pass them on to the grandkids one day

  4. says

    If you go to the website you can actually order any of the t-shirts they have ever made. They print them especially for you, and mind took less than a week to get to me, from memory. It’s a fantastic service.

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