#1789 AS Colour’s new catalogue features Emily Smith, Seth Coates-Chitty and lots of tee shirts

Photos: Simeon Patience

A long time ago before I ever started writing about fashion, I used to style the odd shoot for FQ Men and various other online publications and magazines. The first shoot I ever did was for Nabil Azadi‘s short-lived website Peppermint Teaparty, alongside a then-little-known stylist named Zara Mirkin. After FQ Men closed down, I focussed my energies on writing, and here we are today. But midway through last year, Katherine Lowe and I were asked to shoot an ad for AS Colour for their new grey marle sweaters. It felt good to get back on the horse, if only for one shot, so when AS Colour approached me last week to style their new catalogue, I jumped at the chance. The job included casting models (Emily Smith at Clyne and Seth Coates-Chitty at 62), organising a makeup artist, rolling tee shirt sleeves and attempting to spark a little chemistry between two shy kids. Here are the results.

All tee shirts, hoodies and sweaters are available from AS Colour.

Full disclosure: styling the shoot was a paid job (but I was not obliged to blog about it).


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  1. Stephanie says

    Great shoot! Great choice of models — she looks so innocent, and he is just adorable. Love that she’s not wearing shoes in the jumping shot, too cute!

  2. Hopkins Francesca says

    this looks awkward and silly…
    Strange facial expressions – yawning in the 6th photo???
    Unflattering angles / weird postures…. zero chem

    I think you could do better!!
    try again!
    tell the mods to have a shot or 3 before.
    Or get a real b.f/g.f to do it!

  3. Jimmy says

    Were they actually jumping or photoshop? could you not get them some nicer jeans/pants or was it part of As color range which in that case never mind….

  4. Anonymous says

    What would be the point of a real couple doing the shoot? this is a fashion shoot not your highschool yearbook.
    Emily and Seth did a great job bringing energy and chemistry to this shoot- they and isaac should be proud of the result.

  5. Ursula says

    love this! gorgeous fresh and young, perfect really, commenter below , francesca, please send me a pic, Im always looking for new faces, talented models for the books at Clyne:)

  6. Louise says

    I think this is fresh and super cute. The first photo would catch my eye and make me stop for a closer look no matter where I saw it. In fact I love it so much that photo is going on my current inspiration board!

    Well done!

  7. Grace says

    Whoa angry comments. A wee bit harsh! I like it Isaac, nice work. Could you please tell me what the name is, of the t-shirt that Emily is wearing in the fourth photo down? Thanks, Grace.

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