#1792 The facts of life

Nice hat. Photo: Haw-lin

1. To officially answer the question that I’ve been receiving most often recently: No, I am not the beneficiary of a trust fund; No my parents do not pay for my travel; and No, I’m not a spoiled rich white kid. I grew up in a small three bedroom house in the Christchurch suburbs and went to a public school (Burnside High). I started stockpiling my pocket money at the age of five, working a paper round at nine, then pushing trolleys at the local supermarket at 15. Since then I’ve always held at least one job, often three or more, and besides a little parental help at university, I’ve paid my own way. That said, Nana Shirley did give me $100 yesterday, but that was a combined Christmas/Birthday present.

2. Winter is coming, the cold is nigh. Time to visit those knitting ladies at Masco Wools in Westfield Mall Downtown and get them to make me another one of these bad boys, though this time maybe a size or so larger. My next acquisition though, will be the Little Brother for Barkers duffel coat. For $399 there is literally no better men’s jacket on the New Zealand market. Only problem is, I still can’t decide between tan and navy.

3. Remember Iced Animals? Feeling a tinge of nostalgia, I picked up a packet from Foodtown last night. Arnott’s has dropped the fricken ball. At some point in the past 10 years they must have changed the recipe because those iced animals now taste all kinds of bad. Childhood is officially over.

4. I hate to get all political, but did anybody else see the cover of the New Zealand Herald yesterday? That $2,000,000 plastic waka promoting Maori culture kills me. Not because I have anything against Tangata Whenua or Maori culture as a whole, but because it gives every racist, bigoted, right-wing New Zealander a ridiculously large and expensive bullseye to direct every piece of pent-up prejudice towards. We don’t need a plastic waka to promote Maori culture. It’s a ridiculous expenditure. Nor do we need a $12,000,000 rugby ball that can host 200 people at a time – that’s an even more ridiculous expenditure. And we certainly don’t need a venue set up with stalls so that international visitors can learn all about our agriculture and fisheries. Who wants to go on holiday to watch some rugby and get an educational tour of the host nation’s natural resources? What is wrong with this country? We have the PR skills of baboons!

5. Another interesting read yesterday was Katherine Lowe’s essay on older guys hanging out with younger girls in bars.

6. Speaking of which, I keep having female friends come to me all upset because the exciting and fun (bad boy) that they’d fallen in love with didn’t actually change into a nice guy after the dating had finished and the relationship had begun. Grow up! Choose your prospective boyfriends more wisely. Like my Dad always says, if somebody shows you who they are, believe them. If a guy is a fun, exciting jerk now, he’ll be a fun, exciting jerk later down the line. But once the fun and exciting has worn off, he’ll just be a jerk. Go for the nice guy!


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  1. says

    Another great Facts of Life Isaac. Hmm re. #1 – Unfortunately it seems that NZ gets more ‘Tall Poppy’ by the day. Disappointing that you receive those moronic, narrow-minded questions. # 4 – Good call on the ‘bulls-eye’ – Radio talk back will go ballistic! Ug.

  2. anahat:) says

    im Maori and i fully agree with you!!
    our country has plenty of culture we dont need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to build things that are supposed to “educate” people about our country. if they wanted to get all educational they could go to the Hamilton Museum and see the Waka that is showcased there or better yet they can go to Te Papa. plenty of culture out there already! :)

  3. isaaclikes says

    Thank you. So, so true. We have perfectly good museums and art galleries, how about directing foot traffic their way? And, while we’re on that topic, why do we need more bars to be built around the waterfront? What’s wrong with the dozens that are already there, and virtually empty every single night? 85,000 people isn’t that many people.

  4. Anna says

    3. Those iced animals were NEVER good!
    4. Agreed.
    5. Interesting read! With lots of interesting comments! What is your take on this?
    6. How do you know when the dating has finished and the relationship has begun?

  5. isaaclikes says

    3. You are wrong.
    4. Good call.
    5. Guys love girls who make them feel cool and interesting and attractive, and young girls often thing older guys are cool and interesting and attractive. It’s as simple as that. Who doesn’t want to hang out with somebody who makes them feel like a hero?
    6. I think if you’re seeing each other every day then the dating has finished and the relationship has begun. Or if you’ve agreed that you’re in a relationship, then the relationship has probably begun.

  6. Guest says

    The one time I read your blog!! #6!!

    “Like my Dad always says, if somebody shows you who they are, believe them.”
    I like that a lot. Genius!

    All girls think that they’re going to be his exception. The game/chase can give exhilarating feelings towards that “bad boy” which causes a chemical reaction in the brain. If there is no excitement with the “nice guy” why would you bother with the nonexistent chase? You wont get those feelings/chemicals in the brain that you do with the “bad boy”? Look at dopamine it’s the chemical that stimulates ‘desire and reward’ this has same effect on the brain as taking cocaine. Girls are like love drug addicts, they just keep going back!! Don’t get me wrong I totally agree with what you’re saying but blame the chemicals or… maybe the expectations given from fairy-tales? (But that’s a completely different story…)

  7. Jess M says

    1. Ok so you’re not, but who cares if you are? You do what you do and it’s your own business how you fund it. I was raised to not talk about money, how little or how much you had. Good breeding costs nothing, and money talk is vulgar.

    2. Tan

    3. I reinacted this with Roll Ups. I used to think those were the jam. Turns out they’re more like the plastic. Dang.

    4. Meh. But agree that Auckland Musuem is astounding, send them there.

    5. Isaac! You are opening a can of worms with this older man/younger woman thing, I love it! I tend to date older men, but simply because I was born 30. That being said I have also dated guys the same age and even one a lil younger. It’s all about what your motives are. Social ladder climbing is nasty and tacky. Be classy ladies & gentlemen. Imagine your Grandmother’s face.

    6. Agree. The #1 attribute I look for is kindness. Kind men FTW. The second thing is interestingness (it’s not a word, but it should be). Entertain me, be kind and NEVER say ‘your’ when you mean ‘you’re’. Simple.

    JM xx

  8. Rebecca says

    As for the iced animals, I agree with the taste difference. The thing that bothered me the most, however, was that they still included pink letters in the title, but when I opened the box the pink animals were nowhere to be seen. It’s a travesty!

  9. Steph says

    2. Navy may be hard to match if you wear it with other Navy items. Unless you like to wear non-matching Navy things together?
    5. Does this mean you prefer to hang out with young girls because of this? Does the ‘approval’ of a girl 6-10 years their junior, matter to men?
    6. Agreed. Although it could be confusing if you never discuss it. Such a grey area…

  10. Anonymous says

    serious question here.. re #2, don’t u already have a tan duffel coat? i thought i saw one of the photos u took with it. if so, do u think it is OK to buy similar one? as much as I wanted, i always feel guilty buying 2 of same/similar item. what do u think?

  11. Baron Fizzwell says

    3. Are they even the same iced animals? I remember the old, old ones having more of a crunch to them than the ones you get now.

    5. I think there was mention of grandparents. My grandfather was at least twenty years older than my grandmother, and I’ve never seen or heard any girl talk about any guy the way she still gushed about him at 89. You never know.

    6. This will never end. Women, for the most part, are more biologically predisposed to be attracted to brawn anyway. The more feminine and girly the girl, the rougher, dirtier and “bad boyish” the guy is that she’d be attracted to. They’re also programmed from a young age by things such as Disney movies (see the recently released Tangled for a fine example of this.)

  12. isaaclikes says

    That tan duffel coat belongs to Katherine Lowe’s brother, so I feel quite justified in purchasing one myself! And I always do say, it’s better to buy two of one thing that you love that one of two things.

  13. Boganpete says

    Point 1
    I know where you get your money, I’ve seen you on K road.

    Point 4
    A waka…hardly unique, not like we invented waka. Can’t agree on the PR baboons bit, NZ tourism quite regularly wins awards for their PR. Least they don’t have the shame of the “Where the bloody hell are ya” campaign like the Australians. Still living that down I believe.

    Point 3
    Man I was just thinking of them the other day, was def a fav but I wont wreck my sweet memories with a purchase. Cheers for the heads up.


  14. Jade_smythe says

    isaac you’re awesome! point six and four are fab…and thanks for clarifying info in article intro….xo

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