#1793 Tomorrow is your last chance to see Bill Cunningham New York

Photo: NY Times

Calling all Aucklanders: tomorrow is your final chance to go see Bill Cunningham New York. If you’re in Wellington or Dunedin, you’ve still got time, but Aucklanders, tomorrow is your last opportunity. So go! Bill Cunningham is the original streetstyle photographer, but he is also a fashion anomaly. In his career as a New York Times photojournalist – spent chronicling the eccentrics, oddballs and well-dressed masses that make up the New York City streets – he has never accepted payment for his work. In his words, “If you don’t take their money, they can’t tell you what to do.” The film follows 81 year old Cunningham as he cycles the streets, shoots society events (avoiding celebrities like the plague), attends Paris Fashion Week and goes through the process of being evicted from the Carnegie Hall artist’s apartment he has lived in for 60 years. His is an ascetic life; he wears the same outfit every day, eats simply and has no time for pretensions or unnecessary excesses. It is without a doubt the most inspiring film I have ever seen. So don’t miss it! Bill Cunningham New York is on at 2:30pm tomorrow afternoon at the Skycity Theatre. Bring tissues. Trailer below.

Bill Cunningham leaving the Alexander Wang show. Photo: Katherine Lowe


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