#1794 Kate Sylvester is now a Doctor of Fashion

Dr Kate Sylvester DFA. Photo: Katherine Lowe

A small group of fashion media were invited to Country Club at Britomart this afternoon to toast Kate Sylvester’s newest addition: not a store, not a collaboration, but letters at the end of her name. As of tomorrow, Kate Sylvester, designer, will be known as Dr Kate Sylvester DFA (Honoris Causa). Massey University, Sylvester’s alma mater, is bestowing an honourary doctorate on the designer for her services to the New Zealand fashion industry both here and abroad. According to Massey Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey, “Kate Sylvester is creating a visual depiction of what the new New Zealand is going to look like.” To which Sylvester replied, “As New Zealanders we can’t just rely on the skills in our hands anymore, we have to lead in our designs. So thank you to Massey for the part you play in this industry and thank you very much for making me Doctor Kate!”

After the ceremony, during which Sylvester looked rather dashing in a red cape and black cap, I asked if she could give me a tidbit of information about her upcoming show at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week. “It’s a play on light and dark, because I’m always about extremes,” she said. “Oh and it’s offsite… And it’s going to be really cool!”


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  1. Steve says

    So did she actually study a doctorate, or is she just being award this for the business shes done as Kate Sylvester the designer and brand?

  2. isaaclikes says

    She’s being awarded the doctorate for her services to the fashion industry. It’s an honourary degree.

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