#1795 The most frivolous purchase I ever made

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Back in May of last year when I was obviously far too flush for my own good, I went on a commissioning spree and dropped quite a number of dollars on various made-to-measure garments at Crane Brothers. In a two month period I believe I ordered something like five pairs of pants, two shirts and a blazer. I now have a pair of cotton pants in every functional colour under the sun (olive green, navy, charcoal, beige, etc) and this somewhat less functionally coloured pistachio green cotton blazer. I wore it extensively around Milan and Paris in June, then hung it back up for the winter. Yesterday, in a bout of sartorial enthusiasm, I dusted it off and tried it on again and despite a few wrinkles, it’s still good. However: The problem with this jacket is that it goes with beige pants and pretty much nothing else. A more frivolous purchase I have never made. Who’s bad?


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  1. Bryce J says

    Dark blue raw denim, in a slim cut, cuffed once with nice shoes, preferably leather.

    Slow news day in the Hindin-miller camp?

  2. A M says

    IMHO, That jacket washes you out with the mid gray + beige. Maybe if u had navy knit under?
    but with navy or denim chino. or even maybe dark charcoal dress pant. W/ chocolate, navy again or dark green jumper underneath. But pretty much anything dark that’l contrast right, especially from the earthy tones. – and drop the garish flare of red.

  3. Jvporter says

    what àre bending yourself all out of shape about?
    u can wear that with any color, all year.

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