#1799 There’s nothing quite like things organised neatly

Photos: Things Organized Neatly

Someone whose opinion I trust implicitly once told me that if you’re going to copy someone else’s work, do it with the book open. I take that to mean that if you take inspiration from another person, you have to credit that person with having the original idea. And with that in mind, meet Things Organized Neatly, my new favourite blog. You will notice that in the title of this post I’ve called it ‘things organised neatly’ with an s in organised, because I refuse to succumb to the AmericaniSation of spelling. Anyway, now that I’m getting back into the swing of styling shoots, nothing is more inspiring for me than this website. I am obsessed with how little things like pencils and erasers are laid out next to each other, or the way that 10 folded pairs of identical jeans are stacked, or eight maroon tee shirts are draped. All that, coupled with the New York Times‘ recent Margaret Howell photo essay are my two biggest reference points right now. Let the fun and games begin.


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