#1801 Breaking all the rules with Stolen Girlfriends Club

Photos: Katherine Lowe

I have one self-imposed clothing rule that I do not break: never wear beige, camel, cream or any of their variants above the waist. As a pale-skinned white guy, I’ve always believed that the aforementioned do nothing good for my colouring – I’m washed out enough as it is. But last week I was hanging around at Black Box Boutique in Grey Lynn (as I’m wont to do), and Jae Mills asked me to chuck on one of Stolen Girlfriends Club’s angora Arty Cardis in winter white so that he could shoot it for the store’s Facebook page. Afterwards, I didn’t want to take it off. The angora was soft like cashmere, the fit was perfect and the colour, while hard to wear, was very pretty. So I stole it. As you’ll see below, I think it gives my skin a bit of a pinky/purple hue, but hey, at least it goes with the hydrangea.

I’m wearing: cardigan courtesy of Stolen Girlfriends Club, shirt from Jack Spade in New York, pants by Crane Brothers.


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  1. Browlands says

    Hi Isaac,
    I am not sure about this look on you. Normally I like all that you wear however I am not getting it today.

  2. Samantha says

    holla brother you’re on. just don’t wear it with black. i didn’t think when i put it on the other day and i looked like a had been accosted by a cat. had to bring the lint roller out ahahah xx

  3. says

    I have seen it. LOL is a response I find myself inclined to give this one Isaac. Sort of looks like one of those casual beach wedding kind of get-ups owing to the flower and the matchingness of ze pants and ze cardi. How lovely.

  4. fashion westie says

    Keep the five fingered cardi, it rocks. As for the complexion issue, you have two options. 1: Bring pasty back [not saying anything negative, just embrace it for all the palesters out there. If it’s in fash for girls, why not guys?] 2: Come to the North Shore and accost ANY girl for her Thin Lizzy Pressed Mineral Powder Compact with the free brush worth $49.95, double colour eyepencil with lid sharpener and strawberry scented lipgloss. I swear, they ALL seem to have that crap in their bags. That’ll orange you up in no time.

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