#1806 How to keep up motivation when you’re stuck in your bedroom blogging

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Some of my more regular readers might have noticed a bit of a downward turn in enthusiasm on this blog over the last couple of months. And they’d be right – it’s been a while since I felt excited about what I’m doing here. The problem with how I blog is that the majority of my time is spent sitting alone in my bedroom with a computer on my lap, trying to feel strongly one way or another about some particular topic or story or item of clothing or event. And if the motivation or enthusiasm or excitement isn’t there, it’s difficult to form an opinion.

Sometimes I’ll write something that I think is really important or strong and it’ll get one comment and no extra traffic. Then sometimes I’ll write something vapid and meaningless and the hits will go way up, comments will come flying in and a whole bunch of people will retweet it all over the place. There’s no rhyme or reason to this blogging game and it can get unbelievably frustrating.

Only one thing is certain: people love bad news. Somebody achieving highly is all good and well, but a young person committing suicide or a designer going on an anti-Semitic rampage – that’s where the traffic is. People call me up and say, “Hey did you hear about X modelling agency? They haven’t paid their models in months and they’re about to go under. You should write an exposé!” In the past, I probably would have. But right now I’ve lost interest. I can’t be bothered with always being the harbinger of doom.

The things that I’ve really been enjoying recently have been styling shoots and writing freelance articles about things that I care about. I have a profile coming out in Sunday Magazine in the next month or so that I put a huge amount of effort into and which I can stand behind as a good piece of work. Next month I’m styling a menswear shoot with Karen Inderbitzen Waller for a local magazine that should be amazing.

But my entire focus of late (and one of the major reasons for my lack of posting) has been on a project that is scheduled to start in New York on the first of June. It’s not 100% confirmed and it might all blow up in flames – so I can’t say what it is yet – but if it works out I’ll be loving life. It’s going to mean some big changes – I’ll be spending about four months in New York, skipping the menswear shows and even New Zealand Fashion Week, but it’s something that I’ve got to do.

My US Visa was approved this morning, so I’m already halfway there.

To answer my own question, how to keep up motivation, I think the key is making plans. Setting goals. Trying things out that are way harder than your limited abilities. It’s always worked for me. The first time I went to Paris Fashion Week to cover the shows I had about 100 people per day reading my blog. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.

Without getting too sentimental, I’ve gotta say thank you for reading. Thank you for sticking with this blog. It’s time to get back in the game.


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  1. fashion westie says

    My fingers are crossed for your NYC-secret-squirrel-project. It sounds like an adventure.
    You can’t necessarily write-off your D&M posts. For me, I read them, go off and have a think or research, not necessarily comment. Weighing in on ‘The Issues’ can be very daunting and scary. Fluff posts in general are easier to respond to with comments; less intelligence required=less judgement=more comfortable [not saying your posts are fluff btw].
    Besides, exciting/cool/bloggable stuff just doesn’t happen 24/7 in NZ-it just doesn’t. We lack the weirdo-scandalous-uber outrageousness that exists in countries like the US of A: the home of 24/7 blog fodder. And yeah, that is the stuff that garners the most attention and feedback from readers- human nature.

    What IS exciting, is your move into styling and freelance writing. I think blogging can only go so far before new goals and aspirations HAVE to become priority for the sake of your own experience and growth.

  2. Steve Dunstan says

    Wow Isaac ! Amazing…. inspirational reading here.

    I like your honestly and transparency.


  3. says

    Congratulations Isaaacle!
    So excited for you and the great adventures ahead.
    Thank you for contining to be an incredible inspiration to us all, what a picture of a go getter! xx

  4. Oohhowfancy says

    My fingers are also crossed for you – whatever the project is, it sounds exciting (and I love that you said it is “something I’ve got to do”.

    I read your posts every day, and as a fellow blogger, find you an inspiration.


    Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog

  5. Drekeverkuylen says

    As a (relatively) long-term reader (first time writer) I don’t think your best work is your role as the (aptly named) harbinger of doom. I personally enjoy your takes on a classic look or period in time. Don’t get me wrong, you provide an excellent opinion on hot topics and issues. But you excite me when something has excited you, and is elicited through your blogging. Particularly Americana. And let’s not forget the rules. Here’s to New York working out.

  6. Jimmy says

    Just because we’re not commenting doesn’t mean we’re not reading. Keep up the good work and good luck with your advantures.

  7. Nikau says

    Your are an inspiration to me Isaac! Do what you love I say.
    I’m sure we will hear about it one way or another.

  8. Samthreethousand says

    agency dramas the meme of the month?
    not all doom tho
    just noticed your (our) fav blondie even switched teams

  9. oldgirl says

    I have been reading all your blogs but been so busy with other stuff,work etc I have not been putting up comments. good luck with New york think of all news you will be able to tell us from over there….also N.Z fashion has been a bit boring of late.

  10. Elle Seiringer says

    One of the reasons I continue to read your blog which is s’wonderful! is because of the posts that are enthusiastic, that are insightful and are positive. Like you say everyone loves the harbinger of doom, however that is not you. It’s great to see a blog that focuses more on the positives in the fashion industry, those who are succeeding instead criticizing and discussing only the nasty’s. I look forward to seeing what projects you work on in the future.


  11. Canadagooseparkas says

    I’ve had much more success with my own sites, and I am convinced this is a better approach in the long run.

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