#1808 Auckland vintage institution Fast and Loose is closing down in one month’s time

Photo: Karen Inderbitzen Waller for NO Magazine

Coming just days after the shock announcement of the death of another K Road institution, famed street-sitter Margaret, Fast and Loose announced yesterday that it would close its St Kevin’s Arcade doors for good at the end of May. A favourite for stylists like Zara Mirkin (see photo above), and grunge-loving K Road indie girls (the types that might be found at DOC or Whammy), Fast and Loose is widely regarded as the best vintage store in the city. It was there that I bought my first Levi’s denim jacket, and an ultra-cropped Michael Jackson-esque asymetrical biker jacket that I never wore but always enjoyed looking at. According to owner Charlotte Rust, “Heartfelt thanks to our faithful customers and staff over the years, it has been a blast. Fast and Loose is dead, long live Fast and Loose!” Nevertheless, even the darkest clouds have a silver lining: Rust’s other St Kevin’s Arcade store Search and Destroy will remain open.


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  1. Georgie says

    I wonder what will go into that space instead? Especially since that other store in the arcade closed last week (the misery one, I can’t remember what it was called)…

  2. Amanda says

    NOOOOOOO!!! Fast and Loose has saved many a day for the models at Red11 & has been a favourite destination for interntional models coming in too! Thank you, Charlotte & Tony, for always doing the (amazing) sourcing for us.

    Fast and Loose has been our addiction for ages (finding those treasures is the cheapest yet longest thrill).

    I love the painted white brogues from Fast and Loose on our new face DAISY on our website! We’ll be keeping them in the Red11 wardrobe.


  3. Student says

    To be honest, this does not surprise me in the least. I have ventured into there many a time, and not once was I ever greeted politely, or at least acknowledged with a simple “hello”. One time I entered, awakening the young girl working there, who then went on to glare furiously at me before taking out a cigarette and inviting herself out. My friends too have had similar experiences. Even amazing clothing cannot account for such poor customer service. Although, I’m sure this experience may seem alien to a lot of readers, those of whom are involved in the fashion industry and are positively drenched in eccentricity and have an ego to match. But for the most of us who prefer to keep out hair natural coloured and tend to dress individualistic but still toned down, our experiences were uncomfortable and slightly disheartening.

  4. says

    What a shame – I love that store! Indeed, another K Road icon. Shades of New York’s ‘Trash & Vaudeville’ + one of the few places to get different, cool clothes at a decent price. Although I hate to agree with

    ‘Student’, lately when I’ve ventured in there I’ve also been met with a glare/and or ignored by stroppy sales girls in there. Extremely unpleasant, esp. in such a small space. Ps. Loving Charlotte Rust The Selby shoot! Very cool.

  5. says

     yea I agree I’ve never been greeted in there just have never gotten the same customer service that you get at stores like glassons and even supre (ugh!). I found this really annoying because the atmosphere was not welcoming and yet the clothes were sooo amazing I can see why it’s considered the best vintage store in town coz it is. Dayum shame bout the lack of customer service

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