#1809 Metro Magazine’s 3 MEN IN A… series is my new project

Photos: Toaki Okano

Writer/stylist Natalie Smith kindly included me in her final 3 MEN IN A… outing, found in the current issue of Metro Magazine. As you can see, the featured product is a pair of Kathryn Wilson suede boots, which I called not too formal, not too stiff and the exact same height as Chucks, so no need to adjust the pants cuff. I’m joined on the page by PR agent Ryland Wood and photographer Guy Coombes. As of next week, I’ll be taking over the 3 MEN IN A… series, with my first shoot scheduled for the ninth of May. When Metro editor Simon Wilson told me I’d gotten the job, he said: “As most of our writers and photographers know, I’m getting pretty tough on standards. Not good enough, we don’t publish it.” At least there’s not too much pressure.


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  1. Jenny says

    Well done, Ise. See, there’s always a silver lining! And to Simon, I agree – R’s comment should read “credible”!

  2. R says

    No offense intended Simon, I was just taking an affable stab at Isaac’s posts like I usually do.

    On that note; Isaac, not sure about your pants cuff and your posture; makes you look a lot shorter than you really are. Thoughts?


  3. isaaclikes says

    I guess that highly anticipated modelling career isn’t going to come to fruition. I’ll try harder next time.

  4. Vonslam says

    Maybe Metro can apply this approach to their design direction as well starting with their horribly cluttered layout, boring typography and poor choice of illustrators.

  5. GuyC Fanclub. says

    Its always going to be a hard task to shine when placed next to such a looker as Guy. Stone cold fox. Don’t take it too hard Isaac.

  6. eliza.r says

    I am liking the rolled up pants look with these boots. Somehow you make this casual/tailored ‘scruff’ look come off very suave. I love me a scruffy-suave man.

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