#1810 Kate Sylvester won’t be booking any short models for her RAFW show next week

Myf Shepherd. Photos: Katherine Lowe

Kate Sylvester measured every girl by hand at her RAFW show casting this morning, held on the fourth floor of the Adina hotel, formerly the Medina. As she took each of three measurements – bust, waist and hips – she called out a number for show stylist Karen Inderbitzen Waller to jot down. “81.5cm, 66cm, 88cm. 83, 66, 92. Size 10 feet.” Most were different from those listed on the models’ comp cards. At the busiest point, about 10 girls stood in the corridor waiting to try on one of three sheer Kate Sylvester slip dresses, before entering the main room to be photographed, questioned and analysed. They came in all shapes and sizes.

Many were traditional 5’11” pros like Alice Burdeu and Vanessa Milde. Some were tall and busty, others were of medium height and emaciated and one was tiny – the young up and comer Anja Konstantinova, who stands at a mere 5’4″. “We’ve got the land of the giants here so there’s no way we could book someone so short,” said Sylvester, “But she has the most incredibly beautiful face, she looks like Abbey Lee’s little sister.”

As the models left the room, a mini consultation was held. “There’s something cute about her, if we got her for $100,” said Sylvester, as one blonde girl walked out of the suite. “She has a big face though and I have a real problem with big faces.” The others agreed. “We can’t have a 5’7″ girl can we?” asked Inderbitzen Waller, holding up a comp card. “You don’t wanna put her in the maybes?” “Maybe,” shrugged Sylvester. “We’ll get her in for a fitting.”

The girls are pricey this year: International stars like Myf Shepherd and Julia Nobis will command fees of $1000 each. “It’s getting so expensive,” said Sylvester. “They used to be $350 max.” Selections must be made extra carefully. “Book five top girls and it blows the whole budget,” said Inderbitzen Waller.

Nevertheless, both Nobis and Shepherd will most likely walk the show. “I love them,” said Sylvester. “Myf is looking amazing. But I really love Julia Nobis. I love-love her. She’s like my fourth son!”

Anja Konstantinova.

Skye Stracke.

Kate Sylvester measuring a model.

Karen Inderbitzen Waller shooting Anja Konstantinova.

Alina Levichkina.

Vanessa Milde.

Chrystal Copland.

Kate Peck.

Yasmine Staub.

Meg Lindsay.

Myf Shepherd and Kate Sylvester.

The Kate Sylvester show will take place at 8:30pm on Tuesday the third of May.


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  1. fashion westie says

    This is a behind the scenes thatI find interesting….who’s the Grace Coddington/Frankie from Skins hybrid after Vanessa Milde? I like her.

  2. Jimmy says

    First and last photo. What a shot! Great job katherine. Nice post issaac one of the best behind the scenes I’ve read.

  3. Cameron says

    It’s really interesting that Kate chose to measure the models herself – model cards are so often wrong.

    I get that the agencies are trying to make their models look the best, adding/subtracting here and there, but it’s a total pain. Once one agency does it, they all have to I suppose.

    I always wish there was an industry standard model card. One with correct measurements and a standard ‘passport’ style photo of the model in both front and profile view.

    Nine Daughters and a Stereo were on the right track, but they were the exception not the rule. Besides, they may have folded? Their website seems to be kaput.

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