#1811 Pilot Magazine’s two covers feature Emily Baker in a wig and Christopher Landon in a mask

Photo: Olivia Hemus

Pilot Magazine Issue 5 has just hit newsstands and comes with two cover options: Emily Baker in a gamine blonde wig styled by Richard Kavanagh, and Christopher Landon in a bejewelled mask, styled by Dan Ahwa. Both are the models’ first solo covers – Baker appeared on a 1am cover with Jenny Albright and Landon appeared on a Vogue Hommes Japan cover alongside seven other boys. If I had to choose one, I’d lean towards the Emily Baker version for reasons of historic significance, though I do like how much Landon looks like James Bond villain Le Chiffre in his shot. Kudos to Pilot Editor-in-Chief Andy Pickering for tapping them early.

Photo: Guy Coombes


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  1. Guest says

    Emma!! I’m pretty sure you worked on both shoots as assistant stylist with Dan didn’t you? Isaac, Emma should get a styling credit in your text :)

  2. R says

    Interesting covers. I quite like how they are a mirror image of each other. Almost the same expression on the face, both have one eye only shown, the opposite eye is covered up, intentional?

  3. Andy says

    Yes it was intentional. It’s a Freemason thing. A subtle nod to symbolism, hiding in plain sight, & other such things . . .

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