#1812 Why I will never wash my own shirts again

Photos: Katherine Lowe

In the haste of packing for my trip to Sydney, I threw about seven shirts in the washing machine, dried them, screwed them up and shoved them into my suitcase to deal with when I landed on the other side. When I checked into my hotel in Sydney I managed to iron two of them before dying of boredom and giving up. The next day, I discovered a handy little service that I never before knew existed: washing and ironing at the dry cleaner. Apparently you just drop your dirty shirts in, they throw them in the ordinary washing machine, then press them for you. Only $2.50 per shirt, and without the harsh chemicals that kill your clothing with prolonged use. I figure I could wear a shirt for one day, drop it into the cleaner the next day, pick up a clean shirt from the cleaner, wear, clean and repeat every single day of the week, and it would cost me less than the price of a coffee per day. I’ll never pick up an iron again!


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  1. Jimmy says

    I wear shits almost everyday and I am extremely picky on how my shirts are washed so I do my own washing, hang to dry and just drop them all off to the dry leaners to get pressed only which is even cheaper and any drycleaners have this option.

  2. fashion westie says

    Okay, so this service is Sydney…and the Auckland equivalent is?
    Wait…Mr IHM [as that is what your Batchel declares], if the USA doesn’t work out, you could launch a “You Lazy Bugger, Fine, I’ll Clean and Press You’re Shirt For You But It Will Cost You $2.50” service…just a suggestion. Copyrighted that name by the way :-)

  3. Jimmy says

    Haha.. That’s what happens when I type right after a flight. Note to self check those emails!

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