#1813 Elliott Serjeant came to RAFW to look at all the hot girls

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Kiwi, fabric merchant, former Coshercot Honey and lead guitarist of Pineapple Head Elliott Serjeant was wandering around the RAFW venue this morning with one goal: “To look at all the hot girls,” he said. Serjeant, who has had more stylistic overhauls than any young man I’ve ever known, is currently chanelling Dee Dee Ramone with his leather jacket/singlet/cropped jeans/Chuck Taylors combo. According to Serjeant, several pairs of his jeans have gotten the chop – a simple procedure that involves re-hemming the pants-leg above the ankle. I like it so much I’m going to try it myself the moment I get home. Look out for Pineapple Head – it’s Serjeant’s new band with former Coshercot Honeys/Brainslaves lead singer Sasha Carlson. Sounds like they’re going to be big.


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