#1814 Tommy Ton arrived in Australia this morning and has already gone to work

Photo: Katherine Lowe

I’ve made no attempt to disguise the fact that I am an enormous Jak and Jil fan – Tommy Ton regularly takes photos that inspire me to buy potentially unnecessary items such as a floppy hat, a green blazer or a monogrammed leather satchel. But alongside his prowess with a camera, he’s also a hell of a nice guy; I accost him outside shows on a regular basis and he always greets me with a smile. Ton landed in Australia from Los Angeles at 6:30am and was already shooting subjects when I saw him at 11:30am. What a trooper. He’s one of four big international bloggers here for RAFW – Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), Phil Oh (Street Peeper) and Susie Lau (Style Bubble) are all in the house. Holla!


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