#1815 Anja Konstantinova is the shortest model at Australian Fashion Week

Photo: Katherine Lowe

Anja Konstantinova has a special honour – she is the shortest model at RAFW. The 164 centimetre Melbourne native has been doing the editorial rounds in Sydney, appearing in Oyster, Grazia and an online special for Fashion Gone Rogue, and she’s about to do what few (if any) 5’4″ girls have done before her: take a turn on the RAFW runways. To put her height into perspective, she is four centimtres shorter than Kiwi favourite Zippora Seven, and nine centimetres shorter than famed Australian Bambi Northwood-Blyth – all are represented in Sydney by Priscillas Model Management. It’s rare to find a runway model standing shorter than 176 centimetres (5’9″). Often likened to a pint-sized Abbey Lee Kershaw, Konstantinova, who refers to herself as a “Pocket-rocket,” had this to say for herself: “I’m doing it for the short girls!” More power to her.


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