#1817 Lover, Flannel, Bec and Bridge and Arnsdorf – the top 10 looks of RAFW day one

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Lover celebrated 10 years in business this evening with a show that was big on flowing volume, pretty lace, dramatic red and innocent white. Add 10 years of campaign imagery, a cool projected video installation and a cast that included Julia Nobis, Myf Shepherd and Louise van de Vorst, and most agreed it was the best outing of the day.

Flannel showed one of my favourite collections of the week last year. This time around, it looked like about six different ranges in one, with no clear tie to hold them all together. One minute it was Boho, the next Juicy Couture velour, then Chinese sleepwear, oversized Inspector Gadget blazers and finally Woodstock-inspired leather strips. That said, the Chinese nightgown (above) and cream knitted dress (below) were two of the most beautiful pieces I saw all day.

Bec and Bridge’s suits, sheer knits and luxe fabrics looked amazing on the models. Whether or not they can convince regular women to wear shorts of that length remains to be seen, but when in Sydney…

Like many other designers here in Sydney, Arnsdorf opened with pristine white, then transitioned into bold colours that included magenta and peppermint green. But the winning piece was a dip-dyed dress (below) that included a built-in shoulder piece that knotted and trailed down the back.


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  1. Louise says

    So much to love. I would die for that dip-dyed dress. I’m already wondering what shoes I would pair it with …. (even though I know that every single dress I wear gets paired with combat boots :-p )

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