#1818 Stolen Girlfriends Club’s show shoes haven’t arrived in Sydney yet and Marc Moore is freaking out

Marc Moore on site at RAFW. Photo: Katherine Lowe

Stolen Girlfriends Club designer Marc Moore was nervously pacing the balcony at the Overseas Passenger Terminal yesterday, stopping every couple of seconds to look at his watch. His primary concern was the rental car that he’d parked down the road; specifically the metre that was about to run out in the next 10 minutes. The show that he was waiting to watch was looking unlikely to start within 20. “I’m freaking out man!” he said. Asked how preparations were going for his show, which takes place at 6:30pm on Thursday, he replied, “I’m freaking out about that too! We’ve done a shoe collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell and they still haven’t arrived from China. They still haven’t even finished making them yet! We’re hoping they’ll finish them overnight and post them out in the morning. Freaky!”

Besides that small matter of the missing shoes, model castings were going swimmingly, he said. “We got this one guy in from Melbourne who looks like that albino dude from The Da Vinci Code.” Keeping Moore sane is the Kiwi team he’s got around him, which includes stylist Zara Mirkin, hairdresser Greg Murell and makeup artist Amber D. MAC’s Director of Artistry Terry Barber will also be on hand to take charge of the makeup. “He’s only doing two shows at Fashion Week here,” Moore said, “Stolen Girlfriends Club and Kate Sylvester. I think he loves New Zealanders.”

So what will he do if the shoes don’t turn up? “I don’t even want to think about that, man,” he said. “I’ve gotta go get my car!”


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  1. fashion westie says

    Are there sample pairs? If it’s not an intricate shoe to get on and off, make them share it. Two ends of runway, line up two sets of girls and get them to swap at each end in front of the audience.

    Use cardboard photocopies sellotaped to feet.

    Body paint them onto feet.

    Cut holes in bottom of shoe boxes, put foot in hole and use those as shoes.

  2. says

    Great post Isaac. There seems to be a real lack of journalistic blogs, but your writing style and the effort you put in to each and every post gives blogs everywhere a boost of credibility.
    I can’t wait to see this collaboration, fingers crossed those shoes arrive soon!


  3. Carl from kshoe.hk says

    Who is the leather supplier? Bad things.   If i make the shoes for Stolen Girlfriends Club, everything will be smoothly.

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