#1819 Jaded-chic is the look du jour at RAFW

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Blame it on dress-fatigue resulting from the royal wedding, the death of Osama Bin Laden, cultivated nonchalance or a lack of exciting shows, but pretty much the only sentence I’ve heard anybody saying here at RAFW is, “Oh God, I’m, like, so over Fashion Week already.” (Full disclosure: I’m personally having a bloody good time.) Jaded-chic looks best on young assistant fashion editors working on ACP, Hearst or News Limited titles, and often comes accessorised with bored facial expressions, first or second row yawning, constant phone-checking, leg-crossing and gripes about how at least last year they saw something new. Fashion Week isn’t all pretty dresses and champagne parties y’know, the youngsters wanna get inspired!


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  1. You Know It's True says

    Fashion shows are really boring after several years of seeing them. I’m just saying…

  2. says

    Some of us may have LOOKED as if we were disinterested and distracted by our phones, but were actually taking notes or providing real time coverage via Twitter. I work for an ACP mag, and spent my whole time photographing, summarising and commenting on the runways, as they happened, via my iPhone. 

    I’m sure there were people who were genuinely bored – but looks can be deceiving! 

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