#1821 Blake Headland gets excited when he sees his fabrics on the runway, streetstyle photographers get excited when they see him

Blake and Natalie Headland. Photo: Katherine Lowe

Blake Headland is a Sydney-based fabric merchant who specialises in quality cloths for high end designers. Some may recognise him as the current face of Bonds’ Hoodie campaign, or from the pages of the most recent issue of Oyster, in which he features alongside workmate Elliott Serjeant. During the Bec and Bridge show yesterday, Headland sat quietly in his seat, until a particular shorts suit walked out on the runway. “That’s our fabric!” he said, nudging his seatmates. “We sold them that one!” After the show, his particular brand of rugged workwear style proved enticing for the streetstyle photographers waiting outside the venue. A young guy snapped a few shots, then approached for outfit details. “Where’s your jacket from?” he asked. “It’s Ann,” said Headland. The photographer looked at him blankly. Headland apologised. “Oh sorry, Ann Demeulemeester.” The cloud of confusion passing over the blogger’s face was immediately replaced by an all-knowing nod. “Ann Demeulemeester,” he said. “Yeah, thought so.”


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