#1825 Therese Rawsthorne, Amber and Thomas and Manning Cartell – the top nine looks of RAFW day two

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Last year Therese Rawsthorne wowed me and many others in the audience with both her show venue (a former train storage facility), and her breakfast (Sonoma muesli). This time around she chose a similar, albeit grungier site (an industrial warehouse), and a sweeter, albeit smaller breakfast (jam pastries). The garment offering was a blend of pretty dresses, which worked best when they covered up the models, as seen below, and graphic trouser/tee shirt combos, which absolutely ruled when paired with an actual log of wood backpack, as worn by Amanda Ware above. With a Twin Peaks soundtrack and neon light backdrop, Rawsthorne’s show was one that made the early morning hike feel worthwhile.

Amber and Thomas’ show was a tad Sydney-sider (despite their Melburnian roots) and all over the place for my tastes, but I loved their printed silk tee shirt/orange shorts combo as seen above.

Like last year, Manning Cartell’s offering was superbly polished, bar a couple of unfortunate runway mishaps: the metal stiletto heel fell off two different pairs of shoes. The models (Myf Shepherd and Ruby Jean) recovered awfully well, and the show proceeded without a hitch. I liked the idea of a 100% wooden beaded dress, as worn by Louise van der Vorst above, and I’m a sucker for a woman in a suit; the nautically striped skirt version below was my favourite look in the collection.


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    The Navy Suit definitely, just wondering could you post a picture of that backpack you mentioned it sounds great! Would it be a piece a guy could wear? Because I think I don’t need my left kidney if so

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