#1834 Todd Selby shot Fast and Loose owner Charlotte Rust’s house for The Selby

Photos: The Selby

It’s a given that anybody who owns a vintage store is going to also own a whole bunch of awesomely hoarded stuff, that when put together in precisely the right combination of ways, will make a crazy eclectic house. Meet Charlotte Rust: Fast and Loose owner, hoarder of awesome stuff. Just six days after the announcement that Rust’s well-loved thrift store Fast and Loose was closing down, Todd Selby uploaded photos of her house to his well-loved blog The Selby. As you’d expect, it’s a hipster’s fantasy: a bed above the kitchen sink, candles melted into the dining table, its own rooftop, porcelain Bambis by the dozen and a taxidermic turtle. In the interview, Rust shares her favourite op shop scores, which include a large ceramic leopard, a Thierry Mugler dress and a 1950s papier-mache cow head. Fellow Aucklanders Karen Walker and Gidon Bing have also had their houses appear on the blog since Todd Selby was in town.

Also still to come on The Selby from his trip to New Zealand: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Avril Planqueel, Lucy Vincent-Marr, Katie Lockhart, Tulia Wilson and Neha Belton and their baby Hero, Good One Cafe, Matakana Markets, The Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese Co. and Bethells Beach Cafe.


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  1. Grace says

    It’s fabulous! I am in love, I think it’s off K road. In some of the images you can see the Sky tower – go on the Selby and you will see a wee diagram she drew.

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