#1837 26 year old Dan Ahwa has replaced Alice Rycroft as the fashion editor of Canvas

Alice Rycroft and Dan Ahwa. Photo: Katherine Lowe

There are a couple of well-placed jobs in the New Zealand fashion media that very rarely change hands: editor in chief of Fashion Quarterly, fashion editor of Viva, fashion editor of Sunday, and fashion editor of the Weekend Herald‘s Saturday lifestyle pullout Canvas. The latter position has been held by Alice Rycroft for the past six years, but the veteran stylist quietly departed some weeks ago to take over fashion editorship of ACP’s Next Magazine. Replacing Rycroft at Canvas is 26 year old stylist (and wearer of good duffel coats) Dan Ahwa, whose portfolio includes shoots for Harpers Bazaar, Fashion Quarterly and Elle Mexico; show styling for Salasai, Sera Lilly and Jaeha; and commercial work for Hallensteins and Calvin Klein Jeans. Fantastic to see a bit of young blood in the mix, here’s hoping he’ll inject a bit of much-needed youth and vitality into the Weekend Herald. Ahwa has shot his first lot of images for the newspaper, which will appear in print in three weeks’ time. Best of luck to him.


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  1. kelly Thompson says

    Dan Ahwa is one of my all time favourite stylists and such an inspiring, relaxed no shit person to work with. This couldnt have happened to a more deserving person. I cant express how amazing he is. Love Dan!

  2. Johnle says

    Having seen Dan’s shoots in the last couple of saturday heralds, I am wondering if everyone is feeling  dissapointed, its like a cheap nasty imitation of Alice’s work, and although many love the hi-lo label mix, the Warehouse is pushing things too far!

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