#1840 Appearing on The Erin Simpson Show

A couple of weeks ago, Katy Thomas from The Erin Simpson Show interviewed me for a spot on fashion blogging. This was my first foray into kids’ TV and I was a little nervous about how it would go down. My initial fears were well-founded – the director asked me to pretend I was catwalking and vogueing for the camera (which I did to the very best of my limited abilities), but I’m quite pleased to say that none of it made the final cut. The rest of the morning was spent chatting with Katy and roaming the backstreets of Newmarket to find well-dressed people. Special thanks to Emma at Area 51 and Mark at Zambesi Man for being such good sports, and to Katy and the Erin Simpson team for having me on the show. Note to self: being asked to describe one’s blog in three words does not give one liberty to use six or more words. Even the youngest kids know that.


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  1. Jimmy says

    if your planning on doing more TV you might want to practice not saying too much “ummmmm like yah ummm yeah”    :)  

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