#1849 Katie Lockhart’s house is cooler than yours

Photos: The Selby

It should come as no surprise that interior designer, Karen Walker-collaborator and proprietor of online knick knacks store Everyday Needs Katie Lockhart has an exceptionally cool house. Lockhart’s living quarters were shot by Todd Selby when he was in town, which is awesome for two reasons: no house is more fascinating than an interior designer’s house; and it answered the question that has been bugging me for quite some time – yes, Katie Lockhart does indeed place vases, birds’ nests and tomatoes in simple yet genius arrangements on her kitchen shelves, just like in the editorials she styles. The other burning question on my mind is whether or not she takes off her jacket, sweater and scarf and dumps them on (or off) her bed at the end of the day like the rest of us, but due to the impeccable nature of the photos below, that one will just have to be left to the imagination. For the record, I’d hazard a guess at no.


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