#1851 The facts of life – birthday edition

Photo: The Hangover Part 2

1. I saw The Hangover Part 2 last night, and these are my thoughts: it was way funnier than the first film; Ken Jeong steals the show every time he opens his mouth, and has the smallest penis I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing on the big screen; that facial tattoo is my worst nightmare; lady-boys look way more like ladies than boys; I need to go to Bangkok immediately.

2. Here’s a bit of birthday wisdom for you: if you wake up every morning and write a list of your goals and how you might go about achieving them, you will succeed. With that in mind, this is my new mantra: MAXIMISE EVERY OPPORTUNITY.

3. Kiwi blogger done good Gala Darling was interviewed by TVNZ’s brilliant man in New York Tim Wilson for Sunday last week. Here’s what I learnt: Gala has a book coming out – her agent is the same lady who sold The Devil Wears Prada and Girl With A Pearl Earring; Gala preaches radical self-love, which is basically like self esteem and self respect but wrapped up in a sexy bow; Gala has been accused of being a trust fund kid and a high class prostitute, but is neither; Gala used to be called Amy Paape, but changed her name by deed poll at 22 years of age; Gala earns around $126,000 NZD per year! GO GALA.

4. This is genuinely the best birthday wish a guy could ever hope to receive: “@CrocsNZ: @isaaclikes Happy birthday Isaac! Hope you have a Crocstastic day! :)”

5. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

6. I went to a Telecom big ideas summit on Wednesday night, where 40 heavy phone users came together to voice their likes, dislikes, complaints, dreams and distinctively unique mobile usage patterns with a team of XT experts. When we walked in the door, we were each given a name tag and an envelope. Inside the envelope were two crisp $100 bills. I’M RICH, BEEEEARTCH!

7. If anybody is trying to think of a present to buy me, I saw these sweaters that I quite liked.

8. Special thanks to my Mum, Dad and sister for everything.

9. I turned 27 today. Time to grow up and start acting like an adult. OMG JK LOL!


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  1. Louise says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Don’t worry about growing up and acting like an adult – by my calculations, 27 is very young for a boy. xxxxx

  2. Boganpete says


    Hi Isaac, here is two hundy, please tell me what you don’t like about me.
    Dude, it is called hush money.
    You may be rich but you sold your soul to Smellycon.

    God I love giving you grief.

    Happy Birthday BTW

  3. Glenn says

    She earns that much from blogging? HUGE!!
    27 is not old champ….
    Are you on xt currently? I can get my wife to look into your plan and see whats best for ya if you like, heaps of good contracts about to be released….

  4. Your Mum and Dad says

    Happy birthday Ise. Remember you weren’t born til 10.30 pm so you’re not 27 yet! Hope your day is filled with fun. Love you and miss you.

  5. Rebeccah says

    I just thought I’d write that here because I could actually hear Pete’s voice through my computer just then! Hi Pete!

  6. Anabel says

    27! I never knew that! Happy Birthday (it’s still your birthday here in Melbourne!!!) Best of luck with the next year!!

  7. GAZ says

    The way you wrote “I need to go to Bangkok immediately” right after “lady boys look way more like ladies than boys”, makes it seem like the two are related and you are on the prowl for a lady boy.

  8. oldgirl says

    Do not grow up I have not and you know I am a oldgirl, live life to the full and enjoy the moments, great to look back and have a smile on your face with the memiores,than look back and see a boring life..I do smile a lot

  9. Boganpete says

    You love it. You know I’ll always give him a bit of bit of stick. Someones gotta play devils advocate amongst the sycophants.

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