#1853 Making the most of winter with Zambesi Man (and Raf Simons)

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Auckland is the worst in winter. It rains every day of the week, it’s chilly and damp and yet still not actually cold enough to wear proper winter clothes. Regardless of that, I took a trip to the Zambesi Man store on Teed Street in Newmarket this morning to try on some winter outfits. The new Raf Simons collection has arrived, and includes some very cool knitwear with giant luxury wetsuit zippers down the back and shoes with elastic straps; and the Zambesi suits and coats are fantastic for something a little different from the business norm – I’ve got one coming in grey. You might notice the sullen expression on my face in these photographs – this god damn rain is bringing me down! I cannot wait for hot weather.

I’m wearing a Zambesi coat and suit, and Raf Simons sweater, shirt and shoes.


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  1. Morse & Nobel says

    You got out of your eternal chinos and sneakers!? That’s quite amazing, Isaac.
    I almost didn’t recognize you….luckily, I recognized the blog (sic)! 

  2. Anon says

    Stand up straight my good man! It’s like looking at a better dressed version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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