#1856 The Cambridge Satchel Company Batchel in review

Photos: Katherine Lowe

It’s been a month since I was given the Cambridge Satchel Company Batchel, and I now feel qualified to give it a proper review. This is a bag that I’ve been coveting for a very, very long time, and it improves my day every time I carry it down the street. So in terms of mental health boosting properties, this bad boy gets a ten out of ten. But let’s get scientific for a minute: As you can see, the leather is thick, rigid and unforgiving as all hell – I reckon you could just about kill somebody with this thing if you swung it hard enough. My hypothesis – a Batchel will outlive its owner. It’s surprisingly roomy too – I can fit my 13 inch MacBook, Canon G11, sunglasses case and wallet inside without too much difficulty, but I wouldn’t recommend carrying that much around unless you’re not afraid of back injury.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s up there with my Comme des Garcons wallet and my rose tinted Moscot glasses as being the most attractive thing I own, and it has my initials monogrammed on the front so it easily wins the prize for being the coolest thing I own. I can’t wait to see what it looks like five years down the track.

My verdict: Buy, buy, buy.


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  1. Girl says

    Thanks for this! I’m still at odds, and have been for several months, upon whether I’ll be purchasing one of these. It’s quite a harsh bag. Fantastic on a bloke, although not on all girls.

  2. says

    This reminds me of my beloved Ex 23 satchel which I did finally manage to love to death. Tho most days I have gym gear to carry as well as papers so i can no longer do the satchel thing :(

  3. says

    What size is yours? I want to buy it but I’m not sure which size ( I’m deciding between 14″ and 15″) and I’m not sure if the 14″ bag fit all my school things

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