#1857 The facts of life – personal philosophies edition

Photo: Hip Hop NC

1. The bigger the hair, the closer to God.

2. Rules only apply to other people.

3. If you need something done, call up the person who has the authority to do it. Case in point: I failed high school but managed to get myself accepted into university. How? By calling the Dean and pleading my case. (Full story here.) Always go straight to the top.

4. 80% of success is showing up. As said by Woody Allen, as followed by me.

5. Despite how much you might want it to happen, nobody is ever going to call you up and say, “I’ve noticed you around and think you’re cool. How would you like to move to New York and work for me and get paid lots of money and live happily ever after?” By this I mean: if you want something, you have to fight to get it. Things don’t magically occur just because you want them to.

6. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Oftentimes the diamonds are right beneath your feet. As said by my Mum, as begrudgingly accepted by me.

7. Don’t talk smack about people behind their backs. They will find out and you will look like an idiot. If you wouldn’t say it to somebody’s face, don’t say it at all. And if you can’t help yourself, at least say it to somebody who isn’t going to tell anybody, like your parents, or your shrink – if you’re blessed enough to have one.

8. We live in the social networking age, so when you meet people out and about but already know everything about them due to stalking them on the internet, don’t act like you don’t know who they are. It’s embarrassing for everybody concerned and you’ll probably slip up by mentioning something that you could only know if you know who they are. Last night I was talking to a girl who was very surprised when I told her I have a blog. Two minutes later she said, “So tell me more about Isaac Likes…” I never told her the name of my blog.

9. Anything is achievable.

10. Talent is irrelevant. Drive, determination, ambition and shameless self promotion trump ability nine times out of 10. You can be the best singer in the world but if nobody’s ever heard of you, you’re not going to make it to number one.


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  1. Amy says

    I definately wouldn’t pretend I haven’t read your blog if I met you.  I’d prob be starstruck and end up saying “I like you!” 

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