#1860 What’s in store at R&G

Photos: Katherine Lowe

I don’t know about you, but my childhood memories of Rodd and Gunn include trips to the mall, shopping with Dad, polo shirts with little dogs embroidered on the front and middle-aged female shop assistants. In recent years, I’ve entered the store on a handful of occasions – always when Dad has been in town – and my reaction has been a consistent one: it’s not for me, I’m too young, I don’t own a Land Rover. Fast forward to last week, and I was strolling through Newmarket on a sunny afternoon when I walked past the R&G flagship store on Osborne Street. Seeing as I’d blogged about its High Street sister store the week before, I figured I’d better go and check it out for myself.

I was amazed. As soon as I walked in the door, I found five things I wanted to try on – and I never want to try on clothes in stores. I positioned myself in the changing room and put the manager to work, getting me different sizes in different shirts, and different varieties of herringbones and tweeds in different blazers. (Special thanks to her, she was very patient.)

My picks are the soft shoulder blazer in blue herringbone (as seen above); the two blue chambray shirts (one has a subtle floral print); the woollen puffer vest in blackwatch check; and the chunky knitwear. Fans of traditional Americana/Ivy League/countrified-gent style need look no further – R&G has got you covered.

I’m wearing all R&G everything, except for the pants, which are by Crane Brothers, and the shoes, which are by Mark McNairy and Converse.


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  1. Sara says

    hi, am thinking of purchasing one of your thugged sweatshirts but was wondering if you have a cheaper postage option and also what your refund policy is.

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