#1861 Ka Kite Ano Auckland!

Raf Simons F/W 2011/12. Photo: Katherine Lowe

In precisely three hours and 45 minutes, I’m flying away from New Zealand, winter and the daily routine. Here’s the plan: six nights in Singapore where I’ll be catching up with my best good friend Sheida, lying poolside in an attempt to gain a little colour before I head up to Europe and sampling coffee in a plastic bag. Next stop Milan for the menswear shows, then Paris for the menswear shows, then back to Singapore, then home. This time around I’m writing my daily recaps for the NZ Herald as per usual, but I’m also going to be running around for Gilt Manual on the ground at the shows. One last thing: if Kanye is there, I will find him. Next stop, Singapore. Holla!


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