#1862 Journey to the Orange Foam Finger

My best good friend Sheida went travelling late last year, then moved to Singapore with his wife Allison who – besides being really beautiful and really cool – is a highly paid lawyer. In between composing his masters thesis in forensic science, enjoying life as a house husband and lying poolside, he’s been writing a fun blog about life in Singapore named Orange Foam Finger. Why? Because everywhere he goes, he takes his giant Orange Foam Finger. Marathons – Orange Foam Finger. Vietnam – Orange Foam Finger. The mall – Orange Foam Finger. We’ve been separated for nine months. I was very excited to see him. Guess what he brought along with him to greet me at Changi Airport. Check it out above.


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  1. Grant Hindin Miller says

    Brilliant film-making, Isaac. I love it. You could make a whole movie that way – and the production values are great. Really love it.


  2. KiwiKev says

    Was the movie so boring that it made you fall asleep? 😛 Will have to start checking out this Orange Foam Finger. cool vid Isaac.

  3. Rebeccah says

    Awesome! Keep that up, such good study break viewing! PS finally got my computer set up, life has never been better. Isaaclikes breaks will be a daily occurrence again!
    Miss you.
    Hi Sheida and Al!

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