#1864 Sampling the Singaporean cuisine

I tried what I assumed to be the Singaporean equivalent of hot and sour soup today. It didn’t go well – 10 hours later, I still can’t feel my mouth. Luckily, another Singaporean specialty was on hand to quench the burn: ice cold bubble tea. Fun fact – did you know that here in Singapore you can get your bubble tea in six different sugar options? 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and 120%, the latter being something like four tablespoons-full. I chose the sugar-free option, because obviously I’m sweet enough already. Tomorrow I’m going to try something completely different, like home-delivered McDonald’s. God damn it I love this city.


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  1. spencer says

    hey there isacc, greetings from singapore. omg, can’t believe you’re here in singapore. you should try koi, it’s the best bubble tea in singapore. and try chicken rice and the usual stuff. and you mean they don’t have mcdelivery back in new zealand? enjoy your stay over here.

  2. says

    Try the Scissor Cut Curry near Lavender MRT station- cheap (like <$5 for dinner), yum, and crazy popular with the locals. BEST Japanese ever (NZ and abroad in my opinion) at Itacho. Do it. I spent 4 weeks in Singapore last year- good times involving a whole lota eating. oh and also, their Sentosa casino is $100 entry for locals but free for foreigners

    This is my friend (kiwi who has been in Singapore for the past 4 years or so)’s old Singapore food blog that might be worth checking out: http://nomnomz.blogspot.com/

  3. sarah says

    bubble tea is actually originally from Taiwan. it’s the bomb. you can get it everywhere in auckland too! 

    go hunt down this glutinous rice coated in crushed peanuts snack thing. i don’t know the official name or anything but  you eat it with a toothpick. it’s a ‘side of the road’ kind of thing. but i also use to get it in the foyer of the ‘european’ supermarket way back in the 90s when i was a little brat. that supermarket also use to sell fresh christmas trees starting at $100 and pasta in the shape of astronauts…singapore is a weird place.

    glutinous rice. peanuts. toothpick. do it. 

  4. Tomos says

    Oh man so jealous right now. Make sure you get down to east coast for some chilli crab. Or newton circus for some stingray.

  5. Bebebrouwer says

    God Damn it…I left Singapore some 40 years ago…now you are making me hmm kinda home sick…

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