1. fashion westie says

    Please tell me you tweeted this to @LMFAO @RedFoo or @skybluUPnU? You  have to!
    You were on fire Wednesday and Sunday [smoooooove]

  2. says

    I’m all sorts of in love with this video!  Isaac, you are actually a really good dancer. Thanks for the smiles on a boring lonely Wednesday afternoon!

  3. melody says

    Daaaamm’ you have moves! Love this. Love the random bride and groom cameo & the gigantic orange foam finger!

  4. Amanda says

    I watched it from start to fin…3 times! I LOVE this and Isaac, you are the greatest dancer! Love how you mix it up. Seriously! Mick meets James meets Michael! LOVE! And it makes us smile.

  5. Camy says

    Hello Issac!This is Camy writing to you from Crazyworld Cafe nestled in Chinatown, Singapore.I understand from your blog that you are planning to make a return trip in Singapore for more Singapore Shufflin’. If you should be planning to be part of your plan to visit Chinatown, here’s just giving you a little heads up about our little cafe in 24 Temple Street, Chinatown Singapore. Do consider dropping by!For more information about the cafe: directions to the cafe: a short visual documentary on the cafe: you should “like” this, feel free to contact me at!

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