#1870 This is not a polo shirt by Band of Outsiders (except it actually is)

Photos: orangefoamfinger

I’m not in Florence right now watching Scott Sternberg present his Band of Outsiders show at Pitti Uomo which will no doubt be a roaring success, the event of the season, and the best thing that’s happened to menswear in a long, long time. I’m at Kuala Lumpur airport using free internet and waiting for my flight to take me to Charles de Gaulle for a six hour stopover before Easyjet shoots me to Milan. Consolation prize: I got to try on a whole bunch of Band of Outsiders This is not a polo shirt polo shirts at Surrender the other day, an experience that I found both covetous and immensely enjoyable.

Cast your mind back to the days of John McEnroe, and imagine for a second what it used to be like when he’d be invited to his sponsors’ offices to choose his season’s worth of on-court uniforms. I’d hazard a guess that these here polo shirts might have slotted in nicely on those racks, and that the Super Brat himself would have appreciated their slim fits, ultra-soft fabrics and price (they retail for $USD150).

There’s nothing like a little well-fitting sporty Americana to inspire a guy to break a few racquets in his pursuit to acquire them all.


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  1. ScotchTape says

    This resonates from shallow to medium depths within me. It combines a few of my favorite things; Polos, tennis and the great John McEnroe. It doesn’t resonate deeply because I think Polos are to light hearted in nature to be taken seriously. 
    Thanks for your work

  2. Avid says

    Sweet polo’s all you need to go with is the new band of outsiders collab with sperry boat shoes and you’ll be on a mutha f’ing boat!!  

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