#1871 Pity I’m not at Pitti (again)

Photos: Tommy Ton for GQ

Every June for the past three years I’ve arrived in Milan, checked into my hotel, marvelled at the extreme heat, showered, changed, flipped open my computer and gazed longingly at the street style shots coming out of Pitti Uomo; then kicked myself for packing x, y and z instead of a, b and c, or for not owning something that I really should own (like a cream cotton suit). This season is no exception, and like always, the attendees’ personal wardrobes serve as the very best in real-life men’s fashion inspiration. As you’ll see in the photos below, these aren’t models looking this good, they’re normal-bodied men – some tall and thin; many short, stocky and old enough to be the catwalk boys’ grandfathers. This is menswear as it should be – double breasted blazers, vintage-look sacky cotton sports coats, cuffed denim and tons of ‘tude. For the record, this post was brought to you by the colours blue, green and cream; and the letters F, M and L.


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  1. Roberto Castlelino says

    Spaghetti macaroni pizza boticelli

    I think the coolest dude is the one with the green jacket and the red kerchief. His name is Marco. He owns a transport company called Baspi. He’s the richest olive on the spread.

  2. fashion westie says

    That’s a lot of laptoppy baggy thingys, navy and ankle baring trou. I think you’re style is the stand out.  Yes, it’s a sea of awesome-man-dress-ness but I don’t think it has THAT much on you, IMHO.  Besides, can this lot shuffle?

  3. Jimmy says

    just shows you don’t need to be wearing bright pink and purple to add color to an outfit just go couple of shade lighter guys.  

  4. Anon says

    Isaac, you only own x,y,z there is no a,b,c option in your wardrobe! Its all the same, Its the same day David!

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