#1875 Burberry’s modern day magpies

Last season, Burberry made it rain on the runway – and not in that cash money, hip hop video kind of way. Real-life water showered down on the models as they did their finale walk, creating one of the greatest spectacles ever seen on a catwalk. This time around the presentation was served straight up – but it was obviously a considered choice.

There was a real handmade element to the collection, seen in crocheted collars on jackets and hemp bobble hats similar to those that New Zealand children are taught to make at primary school (or at least this New Zealand child was). It was also full of volume – anorak sleeves were disproportionately roomy, trench coats were worn way oversized and fishermen knits had big scoop necks. Completing the eclectic trifecta was the colour – everything from yellow to bottle green, purple and inky blue could be found throughout.

Christopher Bailey called it “Handcrafted heritage”, but these also looked like the clothes of a modern day magpie – a quirky knit sweater mixed with a leather coat, pom pom hat, two-tone plaited leather shoes and a few busy patterns thrown in for good measure. Sometimes a collection should be allowed to speak for itself, and with the extreme variety on offer today, it would’ve taken a big bang to trump what was already a cacophonous visual spectacle. Well played, Mr Bailey, well played.


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