#1877 The Jil Sander collection was so high-tech you might need an instruction manual to figure it out

Photos: Sonny Vandevelde

The crowd at Jil Sander this afternoon overflowed off the catwalk, out over the bleachers, past the cheap seats and beyond the photographers’ pit meaning that those of us who erred on the side of lateness were forced to view the show from behind a veritable sea of heads (not to mention enormous zoom lenses). Tommy Ton stood nearby and shot the models through two mens’ occasionally crooked elbows, though he didn’t seem to miss a beat.

The offering was complex – ultra high-waisted trousers with sharply edged blazers, structured tee shirts printed in bright blue snakeskin, graphic melange knits and the occasional clear plastic trench. If that wasn’t high-enough-tech, the boys wore skinny harnesses with iPad cases slung off the front.

Raf Simons’ message was clear: the modern man should peacock – so long as he keeps his work close to his heart (the iPad is a tool not a toy don’tchaknow). And in a hilariously meta moment of self-referentialism, a lone tee shirt came out emblazoned with the words: ‘JIL SANDER SPRING/SUMMER 2012 MENSWEAR SHOW’. Lest ye forget.

Aiden Andrews.


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  1. says

    I liked it. wierd but even the futurism of it made sense (because it IZ THE FUTURE! lol). I want a Jil Sander ipad case!

    But seriously. I actually really liked the silhouette of the loose legged and high rises with hose sharp little restrictive jackets. The short looks especially made me think of a schoolboy in new shorts but old jacket – combining growing room with the outgrown so to speak. And the tailoring was super sharp. Also love the crazy rainbow-static knitwear.

  2. rayban says

    トリーバーチ フラットは今季にピッタリ、暑い夏で涼しい感じをもたらす、通気性は申し分なシ、もちろんデザインもしっかり工夫してある。履き心地良さも優れたところで、一日中歩き回っても全然疲れない、足に負担を掛からないように設計した逸品です。トリーバーチはニューヨークから直輸入のファンションブランド品です、多くの女性がその魅力に魅入られ、品質は保証できる。

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