#1880 Prince Pelayo and Bryan Boy wore matching green Prada lurex to the Prada show

You know that moment when you’ve gotten all dressed up to go out and you walk into the party and some other bastard is wearing the exact same outfit as you? Bloggers Prince Pelayo and Bryan Boy do – today at Prada, they both showed up in matching green lurex Prada tops and platform creeper brogues. Always the good sports, the two laughed, threw their arms around each other and posed for photographs. To be fair to the both of them though, you were more likely to stand out in the crowd if you weren’t wearing something from Prada’s Spring/Summer or brand new Fall collections. Who knew emerald lurex or bright yellow bananas would be such a hit? Oh yeah that’s right, Miuccia Prada did.


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  1. mina says

    Looking at your video of Bryanboy shopping I wondered why he hadn’t bought the womens version of the platform brogues –  just as well or they really would look like they were dressed like twins  

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